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To rescue to safety the many abandoned, neglected, starving and abused dogs in the rural and low income areas of Homestead, Florida City and the Redlands,FL. Furthermore, to raise both local and national awareness of dog overpopulation and bring resources for spay/neuter to these remote and economically challenged areas.
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Chain of Love was born out of the heart and soul of Mirta Maltes who doubles as a law enforcement ranger in Everglades National Park. Mirta's life in the Everglades has always been grounded in her love for all animals. Her gentle spirit and infinite compassion is the force behind the rescue of countless suffering animals who have found themselves abandoned, unwanted, homeless, abused and injured struggling to survive in the most remote and economically challenged terrain in Miami-Dade County. With the closest animal shelter 70 miles away, these locations witness an endless stream of unwanted dogs dumped by their "families" on the desolate roads. These communities do not have the resources to take care of or spay/neuter their pets which has led to free roaming animals everywhere with no end to the breeding of more unwanted animals.

Mirta’s “Chain of Love” is one of the grassroots, boots on the ground rescues in the Everglades/Homestead/ Redlands areas. Boots on the ground is not used figuratively, Mirta literally wades through the acres of grasslands, farmlands, swamps and nurseries picking up beaten, starving, hopeless dogs and bringing them to safety.

Chain of Love is ALL and ONLY about the animals. Chain of Love and its volunteers focus on the needs of the animals. As with any rescue organization, resources are constantly depleted. These animals are found in the most appalling conditions. They have been hit by cars, shot with guns and forced to fight against their will. They have experienced the most unimaginable, inhumane and barbaric treatment, but when they are scooped up by the angels of this rescue, they receive everything they will ever want or need. Everyone on the team is a volunteer, donations are NOT used for anything but the care of the animals. Our mission is to give these suffering, precious creatures a second chance for a better life and a chance to be loved. The long term agenda is to raise both local and national awareness of the animal overpopulation in these isolated areas and to bring resources to spay/neuter in these remote and economically challenged areas. These special beings really are under "dogs". They need us all. Chain of Love needs help HERE and NOW. Please be a link in the Chain of Love. We are all that they have.
Chain of Love Abandoned Animals Rescue, Inc.
A 501 (c)(3) Non Profit Organization


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